Sunday, November 17, 2013

Time as an Element

With "time" being the element in our next project. Being a literal thinker I could only think as far as the literal meaning of the word time. I thought of different kinds of clocks and sundials and even father time. I kept thinking about the word "time" and then I thought of thyme the herb, same name when it is said but completely different. I mean the element is still "time" right... or thyme?

I decided I would take different forms of thyme; fresh leaves, dried leaves, stems, ground thyme and incorporate them into the piece to show the variety of textures and colors. I didn't want the figure I was going to make on the paper to be an actual object because I didn't want people to look at what the object was; instead, I wanted it to be noticed and valued for the medium that was used.
To apply the thyme I mixed liquid Elmers Glue with a little bit of water to get a loser consistency so it would become easier to paint onto the paper in the guidlines I had already made with pencil. After painting on the sections of glue I would sprinkle the variety for that respected area over the glue. The stems and individual leaves had to be put on separately one by one using tweezers which tested my patience and attention span. 

Overall I think the piece turned out neat. I had a hard time deciding on when to stop adding more and embelishing because there really wasnt a limit. Even looking at it now I want to add more but in my efforts to get my vision across I think I accomplished my goal which helped me put the thyme down.