Sunday, January 5, 2014


For my layering project my first idea was inspired by Mary Poppins by putting the sidewalk on a canvas and adding chalk on top to replicate the part in the movie when they jumped into the sidewalk before it washed away in the rain. I had been wanting to use photo transfer for one of my projects and I liked how the image can look aged when the paper tears. After awhile I wasn't as interested in the Mary Poppins idea and thought the symmetrical lines of the sidewalk needed to be broken up with contrast and movement. The consecutive squares of the sidewalk reminded me of old movie reel where you could see each image of each frame. At the beginning of this idea I couldn't find any movie reels so I used VCR tape. It worked out because the VCR tape is more flexible than the movie tape. I began weaving and layering the tape in and around each other as some places were taped down and others were lifted. I thought I was done when I added all of the tape but I got advice that the piece still needed more. I broke up the tape by adding perpendicular lines onto the VCR tape to make it seem similar to movie reel. Then I painted different tints and shades of grey circles on the canvas, sidewalk and tape to incorporate and bring the background and the layers of tape together.

I represented layering by putting the photo transfer on top of the canvas and letting the canvas show through the transfer.

Then I added the tape by layering it over and underneath each other.

After the tape was added I painted on the VCR tape and on the canvas to add extra detail and to incorporate the background and the 3-D foreground together so it wasn't so broken up and separate.

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