Sunday, January 5, 2014

Redo Project

For my redo project I redid my landscape project from art one. At the beginning of my painting I didn't want to go with the life-like colors. I wanted to challenge myself and see how well I could convey the landscape just using blue, black, and white. I used blue, black, and white acrylic paint for my base layer.

Once I finished with the blue, black and white landscape I wanted to add more. I first thought of drawing over it with cartoonish figures so it had a realistic look and then also a fairy tale look but I wanted to use black marker; although, there would be too much dark in the work so I then thought of opposites. I thought of recreating the exact same thing I just did but instead use its complementary color, orange. I flipped the painting around and used watercolor and paint thinner so it was transparent and could see the original painting underneath.

At the beginning of the orange stage I liked the first two clouds I did but then I wasn't as pleased with the execution of the last two and the reflection of the water and trees. Although, I am glad I took the risk of adding the orange because I didn't want my redo project to be just another landscape. I wanted it to have a unique quality to it and to show the expansion of my creativity and risk taking compaired to my work in Art 1. 

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